Frequently Asked Questions To
Get You Started With Zingo

Is my information safe?

Yes, absolutely. We use bank-strength, 128-bit encryption. And, we don’t sell your data. Your personal data is safe and secure with us and is only used to provide you with better credit opportunities.

Can Zingo negatively impact my credit score?

No, our approach to reporting your credit score
does not negatively impact your score. Reporting
non-traditional data such as rent can only help build or
enhance your credit score.

Is Zingo FREE?

Yes, setting up your account to
capture rent and other non-traditional
payments is absolutely FREE.

What is Zingo?

Zingo is a free, automated service that allows you to submit your recurring payments to the credit bureaus so you receive credit for payments that are not traditionally included on your credit report.

Unlike traditional information included on your credit report – like mortgages and credit cards – Zingo brings you a new way to build or enhance your score without incurring additional debt. Sign up now and watch your score soar!

How does Zingo work?

Zingo’s technology platform reports your recurring payments such as rent, utilities, and more to the credit bureaus by verifying the personal information you provide.

Is Zingo really FREE?

Yes, setting up your account to capture rent and other non-traditional payments is absolutely FREE. Zingo makes money by offering you better deals on financial products that best support your lifestyle.

How does Zingo improve my credit score?

Zingo allows you to get credit for non-traditional credit payments like rent, utilities, and more by directly linking your payment information into the credit bureaus. With Zingo, you can now get credit for past and current recurring payments.

What data does Zingo reported to the bureaus?

Currently, Zingo is only  able to report your rental payment data paid through financial
institutions (we cannot report cash payments). Soon, we will be able to report utilities, insurance and more. When signing up, please enter all recurring payments including utilities and other recurring payments. Once the bureaus give us the go ahead, we will begin reporting these additional payments which will act to further build and enhance your credit profile and score.

How does Zingo report the data?

Zingo has data furnishing licenses with the credit bureaus allowing us to report your payments directly through their safe and secure credit reporting process.

What bureaus does Zingo report to?

Currently we report to Equifax and TransUnion and expect to be able to report to Experian soon.

How often is my payment data reported to the bureaus?

Once setup, your payments are automatically reported to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis.

How does Zingo confirm my payment data?

Zingo has automated sources to confirm your identity, rental address, and payment details. If, for some reason, our automated processes cannot confirm your rental data, we may need to reach out to you for further information to ensure we have the most accurate and credit worthy data possible to build and boost your credit profile and score.

How do I know my information is safe?

We use bank-strength, 128-bit encryption. And, we don’t sell your data. Your personal data is safe and secure with us and is only used to provide you with better credit opportunities.

What does Zingo do with the data that is collected and not reported?

For any monthly payments not associated with your rental data, Zingo will collect these
payments for future reporting to the credit bureaus.

Is there an age minimum to use Zingo?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to enter into an agreement with Zingo.

Will using Zingo lower my credit score?

No, our approach to reporting your credit score does not negatively impact your score. If you have been making recurring payments such as rent, utilities, and more, simply by reporting these payments to the bureaus, you should see your score soar.

What does Zingo need from me to get started?

All you need to do is fill out your personal profile with all the relevant data including your name, rental address, financial institutions, and recurring payments. Zingo then instantly begins to report these payments to the credit bureaus.


I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

Please visit our reset password page and enter the email address associated with your Zingo account.  An email with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to you shortly after.

I forgot my email address, how can I find it again?

If it’s been awhile since you last visited Zingo, we can help you retrieve the email address you used to register your account.

Start with the email recovery page.

Enter your full name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Please enter all of the information exactly as you entered it during registration.

If you recognize the email address, log into your account as usual.

How can I change my email address?

If you are able to log into your Zingo account:
Hover over your screen name in the top right corner and click on the security settings link in the drop-down menu.

Enter your new email address twice along with your password. Then click “Save.”

Use your new email address when you log into Zingo in the future.

If you are not able to log into your Zingo account:

This can happen if you forget your password and no longer have access to the email address associated with your account. Please contact support to verify your identity by sending us documentation.

Why hasn’t my score changed?

Scores are updated approximately every 10 days so you should see progress in 10-20 days. If your score has not changed, it could be because the payment information added to your profile isn’t significant enough to impact it. Adding non-reported rental data should, however, have a positive impact on your credit score.

Some key factors in your scores — like on-time payments and age of credit history — take several months up to years to establish. Good habits, such as making payments on-time and using less of your available credit, can help you improve your credit health.

If you’ve recently started reporting new recurring payments and still haven’t seen any changes to your credit scores, it could be because those changes have not been added to your credit report yet.

What if the data reported from Zingo is inaccurate or contains errors?

This shouldn’t happen if things are set up accurately; however, if you find any inaccuracies reported by Zingo, please contact us immediately.

Can there be more than one Zingo account per email address?

Only one Zingo account can be linked to an email address.

Isn’t my rent already being reported?

Rent is not commonly included on your credit report. In some cases, larger commercial landlords might offer rent reporting services to their tenants.

What kind of proof of rent payment do you accept?

Once you set up your account details, Zingo gets to work to automatically verify your rent payments. In some cases, an additional proof of payment, such as a picture of a check, may be required to be uploaded.

How do I verify my landlord?

Zingo will electronically verify your landlord with the data provided by you. In some cases where additional verification is necessary, Zingo will ask you to upload your lease agreement.

Can you report past rent payments?

Yes, Zingo allows users to report up to 24 months of past rent payments.

How do my rental payments look on my credit report?

Your rental data will appear on your credit report as an open account like any other traditional credit account.

What happens to my credit report/score once my rental data is reported?

Once the rental data is reported to the credit bureaus it will then appear on your credit report
and should have an immediate impact on your overall credit profile and score.

What happens if I make a late rent payment?

Your payment is only considered late if the payment is made 30 days after the due date. If your rent payment is over 30 days late, this will be reported to the bureaus as a late payment and may impact your credit score.

When will there be costs associated with reporting rental data to the credit bureaus?

Your current rental address is free through our automated service. If we are unable to validate your rental data through our automated process, we may need to reach out to you for further information. If a manual process is required for verification, there will be a one-time fee of $19.95. Additionally, if we want to go back beyond your current address, Zingo PLUS can do this for only $29.95 per address.

Are there any limitations to reporting rental data to the bureaus?

Yes, at this time Equifax only allows us to report rental payments from property management
companies and will not accept individual landlords.

What do I need to do when I move?

Simply drop us an email at Zingo Support with your new address, landlord information, and rent payment information. If you’ve changed banks, you will need to connect your new bank to ensure that we can capture your new information.

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Why do I need to enter my Social Security Number?

Your Social Security Number (SSN) is required to connect and match your personal information to the credit bureaus. As with all of your data, it is safe, secure, and will not be shared.

What is a credit score?

Your credit score is your credit history expressed as a three-digit number relating to how likely you are to repay debt. Banks, lenders, and landlords use this score to decide whether they’ll approve you for a credit card or loan. A credit score can mean the difference between being denied or approved and can also impact your approved interest rate.

What is a good credit score?

Credit scores range from 300 to 850. Generally, scores between 700-749 are labeled “Good,” while 750 and above are “Excellent”. Your score might be different from lender to lender, depending on how they weigh the credit factors and which scoring model they use.

Why did my score drop?

There are multiple factors that might have led to a decrease in your credit score. Opening a new credit card, utilizing too much of your available credit, or recent credit inquiries are the more common factors. One or many of these factors might cause your credit score to remain stagnant or decrease despite the fact that you started reporting additional recurring payments.

Can I Close my Account and opt out of Reporting?

Yes, at any time you can close your account and opt out. Doing so will remove the account from your credit report. Remember that removing a positive credit line such as rent could cause a negative impact on your credit report.

How do I cancel my account?

Before you proceed with canceling your account, please be aware that you will no longer have access to your Zingo account history and Zingo will stop reporting your payments to the credit bureaus. You will also not be eligible to create a new Zingo account for six months.

Even though you may have reached your credit score goal, you may want to consider keeping your account active to ensure your payments continue to impact your score going forward.

If you still want to cancel your account, simply send us an email with “Opt Out” in the subject line and we will do the rest.

We value our users and are sorry to see you go. Please click here to let us know why you are canceling so we can better serve our users.

Cheers to your credit and financial success. Life is better with better credit.

I canceled my account. How do I create a new one?

Welcome back! If six months have passed since you canceled your account, you have two options for creating a new one:

Use a different email address

You can create an account using a different email address than your canceled account by signing up on the signup page.

Use your previous email address

If you would like to use the same email address you used for your canceled account, please contact our member support team from that email address. A specialist will be happy to help you re-create your account.

If six months haven’t passed, sit tight! You won’t be able to create a new account just yet.

Need help?

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Zingo experience is simple, safe and secure.

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